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  the situation on the Korean Peninsula


  The key to solving the issue lies in not being a prisoner of history and breaking the cycle of mistrust. As we see it, it would be useful to jointly work out a general roadmap for denuclearization and the establishment of a peace regime. Based on the roadmap and in a phased and synchronized fashion, we may identify specific, interlinked and mutually reinforcing steps, which will be taken in sequence, starting with the easier ones, and monitored in a way agreed to by the parties.


  Ms. Meng Wanzhou’s case


  It’s quite obvious to any fair and unbiased person that the recent action against a particular Chinese company and individual is by no means a pure judicial case, but a deliberate political move to bring them down. China has and will continue to take all necessary measures to resolutely protect the legitimate and lawful interests of Chinese businesses and citizens. This is the bounden duty of the Chinese government. At the same time, we support the company and individual in question in seeking legal redress to protect their own interests and refusing to be victimized like “silent lambs”.


  China-Europe relations


  Overall, China-Europe relations are in good shape. There are far more areas where we agree than disagree. In a world full of uncertainties, China and Europe both stand for multilateralism and against unilateralism and protectionism. We have common views and concerns on these important issues. On the other hand, our relationship is not insulated from external interference and distraction. China hopes to have more dialogue with Europe to properly handle and manage the situation.


  China-US relationship


  The 40th anniversary is an important opportunity to review the past and plan for the future. The China-US relationship has gone through a lot in the last 40 years. We have made historic progress, but also face new challenges. The most important thing we can learn from the past is that China and America stand to gain from cooperation and lose from confrontation. Although a great deal has changed in the world and in both countries, this valuable lesson still holds true today and must continue to guide our interactions. We must stay the course without any doubts. We have a clear sense on our future path: the two countries will work together to build a relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability. This is an important understanding reached by our presidents. It should be what unites both nations and what the two sides work together to accomplish.


  Sino-African relations


  After decades of diligent nurturing, the sapling of China-Africa cooperation has grown into a towering tree that no force can topple. Going forward, we will fully implement the eight major initiatives announced at last year’s FOCAC Beijing Summit and continuously deepen our BRI cooperation. Seizing these two opportunities, we can build an even stronger China-Africa community with a shared future.


  China-Africa cooperation is becoming more and more successful, and this brings some criticisms and smears. China-Africa cooperation has always been open and inclusive. Africa’s development requires more input from the international community. The exemplary effect of China-Africa cooperation can be leveraged to encourage more countries to give greater attention, weight and input to Africa. When all of us combine our strength, we can contribute more to peace and development in Africa.

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