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实现中华民族伟大复兴,是中华民族近代以 来最伟大的梦想,我们称之为“中国梦”,其基 本内涵是实现国家富强、民族振兴、人民幸福。

中国梦归根到底是人民的梦,人民对美好生活的 向往就是中共的奋斗目标。实现中国梦,必须坚 持中国道路、弘扬中国精神、凝聚中国力量。中 国梦是和平、发展、合作、共赢的梦,不仅造福 中国人民,而且造福世界人民。实现中国梦需要 每一个中国人付出辛勤劳动和艰苦努力,实干才 能梦想成真。

The Chinese Dream

Revitalizing the Chinese nation has been the greatest dream of the Chinese people since the beginning of modern times. It is called the Chinese Dream. It is a dream of prosperity, of national renewal, and of happiness. Fundamentally, it is a dream of the people, a yearning for a better life and a brighter future. And this is also what the Communist Party of China (CPC) has been striving for.

To make our dream come true, China must continue to follow the Chinese way of development, elevate the Chinese spirit, and boost national cohesion. Our dream is a dream of peace, development, cooperation and prosperity for all, benefiting not only the Chinese people but also the people of the rest of the world. Only by staying focused on achieving real results and making sustained, strenuous efforts can we bring our dream to fruition.

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