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Consultative Democracy

China’s socialist democracy finds expression in two processes: electoral democracy, which allows the people to exercise their rights through elections, and consultative democracy, which ensures that consultations are conducted with the people before major policy decisions are made. Both processes are designed to achieve the broadest possible consensus on issues of common concern. Socialist consultative democracy is a form of democracy developed by the CPC and the Chinese people by taking into account China’s realities and its political and cultural traditions. It focuses not only on outcomes of decision-making but also on broad participation in this process. It emphasizes not only the importance of respecting the opinions of the majority, but also the need to ensure that minority voices are heard. It broadens the scope of democracy, so that people can enjoy democracy to the greatest extent possible. China will continue to develop an extensive, multilevel institutional framework for consultative democracy informed by wide-ranging deliberations on legislation, government programs, issues related to democracy, state affairs, and social issues.

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