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“三严三实”是习近平对各级领导干部改进作风提出的要求,即严以修身、严以用权、严以律己,谋事要实、创业要实、做人要实。 严以修身,就是要加强党性修养,坚定理想信念,提升道德境界,追求高尚情操,自觉远离低级趣味,自觉抵制歪风邪气。严以用权,就是要坚持用权为民,按规则、按制度行使权力,把权力关进制度的笼子里,任何时候都不搞特权、不以权谋私。严以律己,就是要心存敬畏、勤于 自省,遵守党纪国法。

谋事要实,就是要从实际出发谋划事业和工作,使点子、政策、方案符合实际情况、符合客观规律、符合科学精神,不好高骛远,不脱离实 际。创业要实,就是要脚踏实地、真抓实干,敢于担当责任,勇于直面矛盾,善于解决问题,努力创造经得起实践、人民、历史检验的实绩。做人要实,就是要做老实人、说老实话、干老实事。

The Three Guidelines for Ethical Behavior and the Three Basic Rules of Conduct

The initiative to implement the three guidelines for ethical behavior and the three basic rules of conduct (the 3+3 Initiative) was proposed by Xi Jinping. It calls upon officials at all levels to be strict with themselves in self-cultivation, in the exercise of power, and in self-discipline, and act in good faith when performing official duties, taking initiatives, and interacting with others. Through self-cultivation officials are expected to enhance their awareness of the ethical standards of the Party, stand firm in support of its ideals and principles, cultivate integrity, pursue lofty goals, distance themselves from vulgar interests, and resist unhealthy practices and evil influences. Prudence in the exercise of power emphasizes the importance of using power in the interests of the people, and in accordance with rules and regulations. Officials are expected to keep the exercise of power within the confines of institutional checks, and neither seek privileges nor abuse power for personal gain at any time. Self-discipline promotes respect for the rule of law, diligence in self-examination, and strict adherence to Party discipline and state laws.

Good faith in performing official duties entails due diligence in decision-making to ensure that all ideas, policies, and plans are context-appropriate, in line with actual conditions, and on well-conceived and rational basis. We should avoid being overly ambitious and divorced from reality. Good faith in taking initiatives requires down-to-earth wisdom, results orientation, and accountability for our actions. We should be willing to face up to problems, and be adept at solving them, and strive to achieve real results that can stand the test of time. Good faith in interacting with others calls for honesty in our daily life and work. We should always talk the talk, and walk the walk.


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