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2015年1月13日,习近平总书记在十八届中央纪委第五次全会上的讲话中,正式提出了“政治规矩”一词。由此开始,这一概念迅速走进公众视野并受到广泛关注。对中共党员来说,“政治规矩”主要包括四方面内容:第一,党章是全党必须遵循的总章程,也是总规矩;第二,党的纪律是刚性约束,其中的政治纪律更是全党在政治方向、政治立场、政治言论、政治行动方面必须遵守的刚性约束;第三,国家法律是党员、干部必 须遵守的规矩;第四,党在长期实践中形成的优良传统和工作惯例,也需要很好地遵守。领导人在当下重新提倡“政治规矩”,其主要目的是为了维护党中央权威,维护党内团结统一,重塑党组织的纪律性和约束力,净化党的政治生态。

Political Rules

Addressing the fifth plenary meeting of the Commission for Disciplinary Inspection of the 18th CPC Central Committee on January 13, 2015, Xi Jinping coined the term “political rules,” which soon caught public attention. The political rules applicable to CPC members include, inter alia: • the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, which is the overriding statute that all members of the Party must observe; • Party discipline, which is mandatory and binding, requiring all members of the Party to strictly abide by the guidelines and principles of the Party when making speeches or taking actions of a political nature; • state laws, which exempts no CPC member or official; • the great traditions and working practices developed by the Party over the years, which must be maintained. These political rules are reiterated at this time against the backdrop of renewed attention to the need to ensure effective assertion of authority by the CPC Central Committee, maintain Party unity, reshape the Party’s disciplinary practices and enforcement mechanism, and purify the Party’s political ecosystem.

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