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Separation of Religion and Education

Under China’s policy of separation of religion and education, no organization or individual may conduct religious activities that interfere with the functioning of the educational system. Religion may not be manipulated to hinder access to education, including educational programs for the public, or obstruct the implementation of compulsory education, or any normal teaching activity in schools. To be specific, no schools, other than seminaries established with government approval, are authorized to: conduct religious activities; offer courses on religion or spread religion among students, organize educational trips to religious sites, or disrupt or obstruct school education about morality, science and culture; or force or induce students to become believers, or conduct any activities in schools with the aim of recruiting worshippers or establishing religious bodies and organizations. Secondary and elementary schools may not use textbooks that spread religion. College textbooks for particular courses that discuss issues of religion are subject to review and approval by competent educational authorities at the provincial level or above. Students may not join illegal religious organizations or participate in illegal religious assemblies. Teachers may not take advantage of their position to spread religion in class or introduce students to religious activities. Foreign teachers are prohibited from conducting missionary activities on campus.

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