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Rules Governing the Reincarnation of Tibetan Living Buddhas

The Rules Governing the Reincarnation of Tibetan Living Buddhas was adopted by the State Administration for Religious Affairs on July 13, 2007 and came into force the following September 1. Based on the Regulations on Religious Affairs, this document codifies reincarnation practices of Tibetan Buddhism, specifying the way in which the section of reincarnates is administered.

The document, composed of 14 articles, explains its purposes, and lays out principles and conditions for reincarnation, review and approval procedures, duties and responsibilities of religious groups, and penalties for violations. It was enacted on the basis of respect for religious rituals and historical conventions, as a measure to ensure freedom of religion or belief. Its implementation facilitates the process of reincarnation, and accommodates the wishes of Tibetan Buddhist monks and worshippers. It represents an important effort to promote the rule of law in general and handle religious affairs according to the law in particular.

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